Commission Structure

Care Partner will get commission based on below mentioned basis

  1. Referral: For every referral, the Care Partner will get a referral amount of Rs. 100/-. During Registration, the customer has to select the option “Referred by Care Partner” and should enter the Care partner code, to be eligible to receive the Care Partner referral amount. During Registration, if user forgot to enter the Care Partner details and approved by backend team, the Care Partner will not receive any Referral amount.
  2. Purchase: Care Partner will receive a commission based on the products purchased by his referrals. Kindly check the below files, to have clear understanding regarding the Commission based on Product Purchase
    1. Product wise Commission structure
    2. Commission based on purchase

The commission earned will be payout to the customer account through NEFT by 15th of next month. The Account details should be provided by Care Partner through email: [email protected] or toll free no: 1800 212 5500

For eg: If Care partner has received a commission amount of Rs. 10,000 for a period of January month. The same amount will be paid to him to his account by February 15th In turn, the car partner has the feasibility to check his commission earned in his “My account section”

Sample & Promotional Material

After successfully registering with “ALSVETCARE”, Care partner can raise a request of Sample & Promotional materials of amount worth Rs. 2000/- from his dashboard.

In Promotional Materials, he can request the below mentioned materials with qty

  • Pen
  • Diary
  • Gift
  • Leaflet
  • Brochure

In Sample Products, all the products will be mentioned. Care Partner need to request the Products which he requires with qty also. “ALSVETCARE” will be the sole discretion in approving / disapproving the request raised by Care Partner for Sample & Promotional material. Care Partner will also receive Welcome Kit from “ALSVETCARE”, with free of cost. In the Welcome Kit, below mentioned materials are issued

  • Back Pack Bag of qty 1no
  • T-Shirt of qty 3no’s
  • Writing Pad of qty 1no