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Horse Deworming Guide

Like any other creature, Horses also get infected by worms. Horse deworming or worming is one of the critical aspects of equine’s health that should not be overlooked. There are approximately 150 species of internal parasites; therefore, protecting horses from these parasites is a serious concern for horse owners

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Mastitis Disease in Dairy Cattle

Mastitis is one of the common diseases in cattle. It is an inflammation of the mammary gland or udder. Mastitis has been the foremost problem in dairy farming. The disease downgrades the value of the best milk to the worst milk.

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Signs Your Dog is Not Getting Proper Nutrition

Unlike a human, pets can’t convey their physical as well as mental problems to us such as weakness; illness, or pain. Therefore, as a pet parent, it is our first and foremost responsibility to regularly observe pooch’s daily eating; playing, sleeping etc. habits and find out the discomfort.

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How to Prevent Obesity in Cats? Dos’ and Don’ts

Obesity is harmful to anyone: two or four legged! Therefore, it is really important to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Obesity has become a major health problem among cats around the world.

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Importance of Regular Deworming for Dairy Cattle

Deworming helps to keep your livestock healthy and ultimately supports your dairy farming business to flourish.

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