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Why My Cat is Losing Hair? Here is the Answer!

If your furry kitty is losing a large amount of fur, it is an alert alarm for you to take some serious action.

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Crops Feed for Cattle to Increase Milk Production

For a dairy farmer, it is crucial to increase milk yields to grow the income graph, which he can achieve by providing good quality feed to the cow.

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How to Protect Cattle from Heat Stress and Improve Milk Production?

In India, starting from March till July is known as a summer season, which not only leaves a harmful impact on humans but also on livestock.

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Doggies’ Dental Problems – Don’t Overlook!

How many times do you brush in a day? Twice, thrice or at least once in a day, right? What about your pooch’s brushing routine? You must have overlooked it or might not have considered it till now.

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How to Train Your Dog Easily?

Just as we teach or communicate some basic commands to a new member of our household, similarly we have to train our new four-legged family member to behave properly.

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